Relationship Anarchy Discussion: August Edition

Kale of Relationship Anarchy and I have been hosting a discussion group in Vancouver in conjunction with some Facebook group-based community (Relationship AnarchyRelationship Anarchy Vancouver). Our fourth discussion was a mix of overview, light philosophizing, and delving into more complicated ideas. Here are the general notes on what was covered.

How is RA different from Polyamory?

~ sexual or romantic monogamy is possible within RA
~ poly isn’t necessarily with more rules than RA
~ poly can be pretty couple/pair-bond centric
~ RA is a deliberate abandoning of templates; poly prioritizes the romantic and the sexual still.
~ both offer an opportunity for women to have more agency
~ are people who gravitate towards rebelling progressively move the bar further out/leaning further left over time?

The “I” vs the “We” – when does it apply to RA?

~ there is disinterest in the group with identifying as “I” before “we”
~ solopoly vs RA: some parallels, but some major differences as well
~ anarchy can be very “we” focused philosophy

Narcissism and Us

~ is RA a new fancy way of executing Narc behaviours?
~ how do the power dynamics that are implied in society affect the ways we execute relationships
~ people lacking compassion to their partners can excuse behaviours by claiming RA
~ pathology and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: is it helpful or a blame-game?

How do we do RA well?

~ empowering partners to do what they want to be happy
~ ask for what you want/encourage your partners to ask for what they want
~ what are our agendas, if we have them, and how do we safely articulate them?

Love Languages and their application to RA

~ sometimes they’re different with different people
~ sometimes things people do we hate are actually their love languages
~ the book is narrow; the ways we show care is really subjective
~ it seems like there’s a rapid-fire of love language-ing in the beginning of connecting with someone
~ it can be figured out what people want in care language by what they complain about

Relationships ending vs changing

~ anarchy is about the order that evolves from chaos
~ is the glue holding the relationship together enough for them to treat each other with respect in the transition?
~ how do we treat people when we aren’t particularly happy with them?
~ wtf do we do when we’re old?! how to project into the future of your care in end-of-life
~ is it a failure if we grew/changed as we went in the connection? nope.

How to engage with others about what we want

~ immediate communication is usually better
~ labels are just words we use to talk about ourselves, so we use them
~ community building makes connections that are meaningful/sustains them

The discussion groups occur once a month on the first Tuesday at the Tipper Restaurant and Review Room. The September discussion may be rescheduled or skipped as a result of Kale and I both travelling.

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